Epi 149 Employees & BJJ with CEO Brown Belt Brent Lillard

Brent Lillard is a brown belt that co-founded a business called Govsmart in 2010, selling IT products to the government. Govsmart is a 69 million dollar business and was listed as number 20 on the Forbes list of America’s Most Promising Companies. Brent credits much of culture of his business and the team to the fact that many of them train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Brent Lillard (photo by Alex Brown)

Brent Lillard (photo by Alex Brown)

We talk about:

  • How Govsmart was started
  • Some of his perfected methods and techniques of taring
  • Keeping it playful vs keeping it real
  • Why the basic techniques are so important
  • How BJJ became a part of Govsmart culture
  • The incentive program for employees to do BJJ
  • How he brings a new employee to try the mats
  • A comparison between the culture of BJJ and the corporate world
  • The story of an employee that lost 160lbs
  • Other team building activities for work
  • Dealing with an employee with a bad attitude
  • How BJJ has effected turnover of employees
  • Selling the idea of doing BJJ to employees
  • Training with a busy work schedule
  • Training safely
  • Personality traits that do well in BJJ


Quote of the week: “Correction does much, but encouragement does more.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Article of the week: 5 lessons to learn as a white belt that will be worth for your entire Jiu-Jitsu journey


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