Epi 214 World Champ Gezary Matuda is Cruising With Grappler’s Escape

This week we have two interviews!!! The first interview is with multi time world champion Gezary Matuda.  The second interview is with Kathryn from Grappler’s Escape. For BJJ fans all over the world Grappler’s Escape is one of the best weeks of the year. Grappler’s Escape is a cruise sailing out of Orlando April 29, 2018. This cruise will feature Gezary Mutuda, Braulio Estima, and Keenan Cornelius teaching BJJ. Listen to Kathryn’s interview to find out how to save money on the cruise.

Gezary talks about:

  • Moving to the US and training with ATT
  • Why she started doing BJJ
  • Competing with black belts as a brown belt
  • Developing her armbar over the years
  • Advice for competitors
  • Women training with mostly men
  • The grappler’s escape cruise

Kathryn talks about:

  • What to expect on the Grappler’s Escape cruise
  • Basic tips for being on a cruise
  • Details on the ship
  • How to avoid getting sea sick
  • Bringing your family on the cruise even if they don’t train BJJ
  • They have 4,000 sq feet of space to use for BJJ
  • All schools and belt levels are welcome
  • How you can save money on a cruise
  • No-gi and women’s classes


Quote of the week: “Never reach out your hand unless you’re willing to extend an arm.” Pope Paul VI

Article of the week: Key Jiu-JItsu Moves for BJJ Beginners











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