Epi 245 Big vs Small BJJ

This week we discuss the issues that come up when training with people that have a significant size difference. If you are getting crushed by big people, we have some tips for you. Are you one of the bigger people on the mat and you struggle to find good rolls we offer our advice.

This poor artwork was made by byron with a sharpie.

We talk about:

  • When does the size difference become important
  • What positions we prefer with rolling with the larger grapplers
  • Working your best positions
  • The training advantage of the smaller grappler
  • Tips for getting good rolls when training will smaller people
  • A reminder to not judge a book by the cover when rolling with the big guys
  • Overcoming social hurdles on the mat

Quote of the week: “If you have committed a mistake in the day, make a note of it, learn about its cause and respond appropriately to resolve it and in turn boost your confidence.” Lenny Olsen

Article of the week: Coaching Tip- Critique vs Correct In BJJ

















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