Epi 329 Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida

This week we have 11 time BJJ World Champion Buchecha on the show. We cover a wide range of topics from struggling with competitions as a kid to gi and no-gi training.

We talk about:

  • Training in seasons of gi and no-gi
  • His preference for training in the gi
  • Adapting his game to work in both gi and no-gi
  • Doing BJJ as a kid
  • His training schedule
  • Focusing on one or two tournaments a year
  • His thought process for deciding if he will compete
  • Developing the folding pass after an injury
  • His new folding pass instructional with BJJ Fanatics
  • Not winning a match for his first eight tournaments
  • Winning double gold for the first time in 2012
  • Getting the nickname Buchecha


Quote of the week: “I’ve seen kids who tie their self-worth to wins and losses and that’s a scary place to be. Kids need to know that they’re human beings first and the love they receive from family is not based off their performance in athletics.” Ben Askren

Article of the week: Improve Your Speed

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