Epi 70 Interview with the Featherweight Giant Killer Isaac Doederlein

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Isaac Doederlein

Isaac Doederlein

Isaac Doederlein is a 22 year old brown belt under Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles.  He recently went to IBJJF European and won featherweight gold and then he stepped up for the absolute and got silver.

We talk about:

  • Starting martial arts as a kid
  • Moving as an 18 year old to California to train
  • The different guards he likes to play
  • His goal of getting absolute titles
  • His goal for remaining undefeated in his weight class
  • How to train for competing in the absolute division
  • How to watch your tournament footage to get better
  • What he does for off-the-mat training
  • Dealing with his injuries (neck and wrist)
  • The benefits of competing
  • Gaining confidence on the mat
  • Advice for students in their first tournament
  • His first tournament as a kid
  • What he was like as a blue belt
  • Tips for doing an omoplata
  • Advice for developing your game plan
  • Why it is important for new students to focus on understanding Jiu-Jitsu


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