Epi 59 Joe Solecki is a full time student and a grappler with big goals

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Joe Solecki on the right

Joe Solecki works to pass a tricky guard

Joe Solecki has been training BJJ since he was six years old.  His is now 21 years old and a very active light weight brown belt.  He spent the first 12 years of his BJJ learning from John Hassett in NJ.  He now lives in Myrtle Beach, SC and trains with Frankie Patches of Serra BJJ.

In our interview with Joe Solecki we talk about:

  • Starting BJJ so young
  • Building a strong defense
  • How his game has changed over time
  • What tv show got him interested in martial arts
  • Balancing going to school full time and training BJJ
  • Training at a cross-fit gym
  • Staying motivated to train and study
  • His goal of going to ADCC
  • How he is able to have fun and take competition seriously
  • His favorite method of training
  • Watching instructional videos vs competition footage
  • What he expects the ADCC trials to be like
  • Moving across the country and finding a new place to train
  • How he warms up before a match
  • Advice for someone doing their first tournament
  • Why he values safety, fun, and learning in a tournament
  • What it was like being a 16 year old blue belt
  • Advice for kids doing BJJ
  • Tips for developing your own game plan
  • Goals for a first year student
  • His off the mat training
  • How he likes to teach a kids class

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