Epi 108 Interview With Kurt Osiander

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This week we bring you an interview with Kurt Osiander.  Kurt is a BJJ black belt under Ralph Gracie.  This episode contains explicit language and some controversy, we did interview Kurt Osiander after all.Kurt Osiander

We talk about:

  • The start of “Kurt Osiander’s The Move of the Week”
  • Etiquette and respect in his gym
  • His Yelp reviews
  • His don’t ask don’t tell policy
  • Homosexuals at his gym
  • Why he does not like classes for beginners
  • BJJ is not for everyone
  • His work with Mission 22
  • What got him started with BJJ
  • His students doing wrestling in school
  • His MMA career
  • The KO Finisher tournament
  • Open mat at his school
  • Learning new moves
  • Learning online and still needing a coach
  • Giving someone a blue belt
  • Advice for a student doing a first tournament
  • Training and hanging out with Anthony Bourdain


Quote of the week: Presented by last weeks interview John Will “Never interrupt you enemy when he is making a mistake” Napoleon Bonaparte 

Article of the week: All roads lead to Rome …. a BJJ concept.” By John Will

After the interview Byron and Gary have a conversation about gay people training BJJ. Let us know what you think in the comments.

This is an episode that is in response to people of different sexual orientation training BJJ Epi 112 Roll Out Mark Fisher 

Catch us next week for another episode of The BjjBrick Podcast