Epi 202 Things BJJ Can Learn From MMA and Vice Versa

We can learn lessons from anywhere and find ways to bring these lessons to BJJ. An easy cross over is MMA. This episode we will be applying MMA ideas to BJJ and BJJ ideas to MMA.

BJJ learn from MMA

  • Athleticism maters
  • Top game is fun (and less tiring)
  • Position before submission or winning
  • Getting stuck can be game over
  • Have more than one coach (guard passing coach, takedown coach)

MMA learn from BJJ

  • Cleaner guard passes
  • Try a gi class to roll with the best grapplers in the area
  • Training not to win but to learn
  • Escapes with a gi
  • Long term focus

Quote of the week: “Never pick a fight with an ugly person, they’ve got nothing to lose.” Robin Williams

Article of the week: 3 Michael Langhi’s success rules

Mat Tales 24 Bitter Pill to Swallow












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