Epi 163 Get Better Faster With Two Moves From Each Position

We are excited to talk about this great training method for everyone from white belt to black. This can be a way to quickly help you develop and find the best techniques for your game.twomoves

W e talk about:

  • The advantages of working on two techniques at the same time for each position
  • The mount from top and bottom
  • Side control both top and bottom
  • A tip for escaping side control
  • Attacks and escapes from the back
  • Why rescricting your options can make you better
  • How long you should work on the same techniques
  • Developing your game over the long term
  • Tips on developing a guard
  • Tips on learning guard passes

Quote of the week: “No pain no gain” presented by Rodrigo Pinheiro

Article of the week: How to Train When You Have No Time


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Gary is also able to demostrate his rap skills at the end of the show.

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