Epi 160 Advice and Lessons From Hope Uzcategui

We hare happy to bring you an interview this week with brown belt Hope Uzcategui. Hope is a two time IBJJF World Champion (2011 white belt, 2014 purple belt). She is also a manager and instructor at Alliance Fitness Center in Wilmington, North Carolina.

hope uzcategui

We talk about:

  • Winning IBJJF worlds as a white belt and purple belt
  • Her start in BJJ wanting to do MMA
  • Meal prepping for a healthy diet
  • The benefits of swimming for BJJ
  • Advice for goal setting
  • Her game plan for winning worlds as a white belt
  • How and why her game has changed over the years
  • How to find the best moves for you to work on
  • Her training schedule
  • Learning as an instructor
  • Obstacles for many women starting BJJ
  • Advice for cutting weight
  • She also shares some stories about cutting weight
  • Differences with teaching kids and adults


Article of the week: Leverage

Quote of the week: Trying to model expert behavior without walking in the experts footsteps almost certainly guarantees a poor result” John Will

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