Epi 93 Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller

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Franjinha bjjThis week we have an interview with one of the top BJJ coaches Ricardo Miller.  Ricardo is also known as Franjinha.  You can find a full bio on Franjinha here.  Check out his school Paragon website here.

We talk about:

  • A brief history of Franjinha
  • His coaching style
  • His 32 Black belts under him
  • Jeff Glover and Bill “The Grill” Cooper
  • How BJJ is always changing
  • He has 10,000 people that have came to his gym, and out of that he has made 32 Black belts that is one person per every 312
  • His goal of when he has a new student
  • Helping his students
  • What Paragon means
  • The small percent of people that actually compete
  • Advice for the first time competitor
  • Advice for the person who can only train once a week
  • Comparing BJJ to a puzzle


Quote of the week: “respect all, fear none” Danny Alvarez

Article of the week: “Does Technique Really Conquer All? 3 BJJ Masters Give their Opinion” BJJEE.com

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