Epi 258 The Origins of Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil With Robert Drysdale

This week we have an interview with Robert Drysdale. Not only is Robert one of the best grapplers in the world, he is also working on a documentary about the history of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This interview covers everything from the documentary to doing BJJ for the right reasons.

We talk about:

  • Training BJJ for 20 years
  • Running his own school
  • Training at Valor Martial Arts in Wichita
  • His documentary Closed Guard: The Origins of Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil
  • The role of fake fight in the history of BJJ
  • How the rules in Brazil changed the game
  • How the infrastructure on Brazil changed Jiu-Jitsu
  • The goals of the Closed Guard documentary
  • The meaning of the name of “Closed Guard”
  • The funding for the movie
  • Training advice for competition
  • Why ACB is so exciting to watch
  • Do BJJ for the right reasons


Quote of the week: “Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.” Babe Ruth

Article of the week: You Be The Hammer, I am the Nail













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