Epi 110 Interview With Rising Star Sarah Black

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This week we are excited to bring you BJJ black belt Sarah Black.  Sarah received her black belt from Gustavo Dantas in July of 2015, and she is already making a name for herself in both the adult and masters divisions competing in gi and no-gi.sarah black bjj

We talk about:

  • Her start with Judo
  • Training both BJJ and Judo
  • Her work schedule
  • Working full time and training full time
  • Transitioning from high level Judo to doing BJJ
  • Competing in the absolute divisionsSarah Black bjj belt
  • Dealing with injuries
  • The BJJ Mental Coach
  • Getting students to preform well
  • Having a women’s classes
  • Training schedules
  • Tips for women finding a BJJ gym
  • Tips for men when rolling with a woman
  • How they run kids classes


Quote of the week: “There are two things in life of which we have complete control… effort and attitude.” Chuck Wilson

Article of the week: “I Almost Quit Jiu Jitsu

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