Epi 19 Sean Roberts Metamoris 3 Preview

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This week we have another preview of Metamoris 3. We talk to Sean Roberts, he has a match with Zak Maxwell (last weeks interview).

Sean Roberts is a Black belt under Ralph Gracie, he is currently training with Checkmat.

We talk to Sean about:
-What he does to relax
-What got him started in BJJ
-His thoughts on Royler Gracie Vs. Eddie Bravo
-The way he approaches the rules of Metamoris
-How the Brown belt Kumite helped prepare him for Metamoris
-His thoughts on how Zak Maxwell will approach the match
-He shares a couple of personality traits that have helped him get better at BJJ
-What he does before an important match, and how it has changed over time
-What he was like as a blue belt and purple belt
-Tips of competing for the first time, and building your confidence before a competition
-His cross country BJJ tour he recently took, and his plans to do another one
Quote of the week: “Every kick in the ass is a step forward” Unknown. If you get kicked in the ass and you don’t take a step forward, you fall down.

Article of the week: The Art of Losing 1- Sandhillsbjj.com By Roy Marsh

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