Epi 233 40 Plus BJJ Stephen Whittier

This week we have an interview with third degree black belt Stephen Whittier. Stephen is well known for his website 40 Plus BJJ, he is dictated toward helping people stay or get on the mat as they get older.

We talk about:

  • How he began to help the 40+ Grappler
  • The difference in training for the older grappler
  • Struggles the older grappler experences
  • Starting BJJ in your 40s
  • Beginners avoiding sparing
  • Teaching a seminar that helps everyone there get better
  • Not all time on the mat is equal for your development
  • Advice for students avoiding unproductive or dangerous rolling
  • The differences between basics and fundamentals


Quote of the week: “it is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them” Benjamin Franklin

Article of the week: Applying a Growth Mindset to Jiu-Jitsu











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Epi 29 Stephen Whittier of 40 Plus BJJ

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Stephen Whittier is a black belt under Roberto Maia.  He has an academy in Wareham Massachusetts Called SBG East Coast.  Stephen has become a huge resource for the over 40 grappler.  He has lots of great advice not just for the over 40 grappler, but anyone who steps on the mat.

Stephen Whittier

Stephen Whittier

In this interview with Stephen Whittier we talk about:

  • Why having a specific style can hold you back
  • Why the fundamentals are so important in Jiu-Jitsu
  • Getting on the mat as a 40 plus grappler
  • Dealing with instructors that may not know how to coach the older grappler
  • The differences between teaching and coachingStephen Whittier
  • The Aliveness component of jiu-jitsu
  • Starting BJJ as someone in their 50s or 60s
  • The social differences between the younger BJJ students and the older students
  • Finding the right gym for you
  • Why people quit jiu-jitsu after training the first time
  • Why people are drawn to try jiu-jitsu
  • Competing for the first time
  • Why stripping your attributes (speed, strength, flexibility….) out of your training can help you get better in the long run
  • How BJJ has changed over the years
  • How fundamentals are different than basics
  • Focusing on these three things- Posture, Pressure, and Possibilities
  • Tips for getting over common frustrations
  • We wrap up by talking about some of his products that he has to help the over 40 grappler

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Quote of the week “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”  Mark Twain



Article of the week- “3 Simple Things Great Teachers do” TheTalentCode.com by Daniel Coyle

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