Epi 82 BJJ, Strength, and Conditioning with Sam Spiegelman

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Sam Spiegelman

Sam Spiegelman

Sam Spiegelman is a author and strength and conditioning coach.  Sam is a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Mark Vives, he trains at New Breed Training Center.  He has written a bunch of great articles on Breaking Muscle.  Sam is also available for online consultations.

We talk about:

  • What brought him to BJJ
  • Strength and conditioning for BJJ
  • Strength and conditioning for people who are new to the mats
  • Training differently for your particular game or style.
  • Off the mat training for BJJ
  • Doing a self assessment of your strength
  • The importance of having your body strength balanced to help you be efficient
  • Why people gas out on the mats
  • Increasing your cardio for BJJ
  • Staying motivated with your off the mat training
  • The importance of having a healthy diet
  • Starting BJJ after having a sedentary lifestyle
  • Advice for doing your first tournament
  • Goals for students their first 6 months and year

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