Short Bonus Episode: What happened to Anderson Silva’s leg?

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Short Bonus episode:

What happened to Anderson Silva’s leg?

Today I am wondering like many of you, what happened to Anderson Silva?  Why did his leg break from his kick?  Can this type of injury happen to me?  How can I prevent this from happening.

I call up my favorite medical professional, Paramedic Craig.  We don’t know for sure what caused his leg to break but he says that a stress fracture is a likely cause.  We talk about what a stress fracture and what are the causes of them.  Craig also talks about the signs and symptoms of a stress fracture (tenderness, swelling, pain even after rest).  Stress fractures will go away on their own with proper rest and nutrition.

Recovery for a broken tibia and fibula, is about 3 to 6 months.

We briefly talk about what to do for a injured classmate and how to splint this kind of injury.

We wish Anderson Silva the best of luck with a full and speedy recovery.

Link to Episode 9 an interview with a paramedic, what to do when someone gets hurt in class.

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