Epi 248 The Grappling Referee David Karchmer

This week we have a conversation with the grappling referee David Karchmer. David has been a BJJ Black Belt since 2012. He has officiated over 3,500 gi and no-gi matches for multiple organizations.

We talk about:

  • This reason for his website The Grappling Referee
  • Doing video education for interesting calls in BJJ matches
  • How enforcing the borders is different between organizations and individual referees
  • When to move grapplers back to the middle of the mat
  • The role of safety in border enforcement
  • What happens when two competitors fly off the mat
  • What is done when a submission attempt ends up out of bounds
  • Getting submitted by a move that is not intended to be a submission
  • When it is appropriate to talk to the referee
  • How injuries are handled from a referee’s point of view
  • Kids vs Adults rules
  • When a referee should stop a match
  • Common mistakes competitors make
  • Remembering to control long enough to get you points
  • Bending the rules
  • Advice for people that want to be a referee
  • Finding a mentor for being a referee


Quote of the week: “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” Seth Godin

Article of the week: Properly Responding to Feedback to Get Better At BJJ

















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